Shoe Repair | Professional, Fast Service Done By mail

Shoe Repair Service Types:

Here at Favorite Fix, we handle the full range of shoe repairs or restorations you might need to get that favorite pair of shoes looking like new, fitting perfectly and back to the front of your closet.

Fixed Like New – With No Hassle. Repairs Offered:

  • Heel repair
  • Resole, including half-soles, full soles, and three-quarter soles
  • Replace plastic soles with rubber
  • Protect heels with a scuff guard
  • Shoe coloring (Restore original color or change the color)
  • Shoe shine
  • Stretch heels and toes for better fit
  • Replace shoe velcro
  • Replace or repair zippers
  • Many more shoe repair options

How Online Shoe Repair Works

Tell us about the shoes you need repaired . Just some basic info like the brand, shoe style and repair you need. We’ll review that info within a day and get you a basic estimate back. If you are interested you can ship your shoes to us. Our shoe craftsman will inspect your shoes and email or call you with a final estimate. Our repair estimates are almost always right on price or lower than your estimate!

Men’s And Women’ Shoe Repair By Mail

Getting a pair of shoes repaired is one of those things that we don’t often need and can seem like a hassle when you do. Do you have an extra hour or two to research local places, drive there and talk to the shoe maker?

We didn’t and that’s why we started Favorite Fix Shoe Repair. Now expert service comes straight to your mailbox and only takes a few minutes. We can help you get the perfect service for men’s shoe repair or womens.

Simply get an estimate, mail us your shoes and we handle the rest!

Popular Shoe Brands We Repair

(Brands A-C)

Boot And Cowboy Boot Repair By Brand