How To Clean A Leather Purse Complete Guide

Why You Should Clean Your Leather Purse Correctly

Leather items help men and women everywhere make a fashion statement at the office, club or church. Carrying a leather handbag or purse is a sign of sophistication and as if to affirm this, the accessories also cost a pretty penny. For example, leather bags from Luis Vitton can easily cost a few thousand dollars.

You want to show off your purse for as long as possible but unfortunately, the lifespan of leather items is often cut short by stains or damage. Oil, dust, water and sharp objects can quickly deface your favorite bag but luckily, there are ways to keep leather bags and purses looking clean and new. Or for more damage or bigger repairs, we recommend a professional purse repair.

Our Top Leather Purse Cleaning Tips & Guide

Professional Leather Purse Cleaning Tip #1

It is important that stains on your leather handbag are removed as soon as they happen to keep them from reaching too deep. If you leave a stain on your leather bag too long, it will be more difficult or even impossible to remove.

Professional Leather Handbag Cleaning Tip #2

When cleaning, use a microfiber cloth and work with the grain of the leather to avoid delaminating the luxurious finish. We recommend using a high quality leather cleaner like this one from Leather Honey: Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey

Professional Leather Bag Cleaning Tip #3

Starting the day you buy it, apply a protective treatment on the bag and do it every couple of months. This will protect it from staining too easily but you must also wipe it occasionally to remove dust.

Leather Bag Cleaning Tip #4: Don’t Do This!

Some people use baby wipes and ordinary detergent to clean their leather bags but that is a big mistake. These were not meant for leather and contain chemicals that will damage the color or even cause more serious stains.

Leather Purse Storage Tip #5: Store It Stuffed

When you aren’t using your purse keep it stuffed with tissue paper or another soft but stable item to help your purse keep it’s shape. This will help prevent early creases or cracking that could ruin your handbag.

Leather Purse Cleaning Products Are Key

Leather cleaning products may be quite costly but it’s always a small price to pay to enjoy your favorite leather purse for longer. Before buying any cleaning agents, try to understand the type of leather used to make your bag. General leather cleaning products will dry out and ruin nubuck, suede and other special types of leather.


How To Determine The Type Of Stain On Your Leather Purse

Professionals define stains on leather as either wet or dry. A wet stain like ketchup can be removed with water but it takes specialized dry cleaning to remove a dry stain like grease. Wet stains can be removed at home but it takes a professional to remove lipstick, oil, and grease from your leather purse.

To clean a leather bag or purse at home

  1. Dilute a few drops of baby shampoo in some water and remove all items from the bag.
  2. Dip your microfiber cloth in your diluted baby shampoo and gently wipe along the grain. Focus more on the clasp, handles and other parts of the bag you often touch.
  3. Never spray cleaning solutions directly onto the bag as this will cause damage to the surface.
  4. Always apply leather conditioner to keep your bag or purse from cracking and drying. Before storage, buff the surface using your microfiber cloth until it shines.

How To Store Your Leather Purse

The leather is made from the animal skin so make sure that they are stored carefully to avoid permanent lines and marks. Never fold a leather bag and instead stuff it to help retain its shape. Many people are tempted to store bags in sealed containers but this should never happen. Leather was once living and it needs to breathe to look good. Use simple dust covers and never store leather items on the floor as this will cause mildew.

Care Tips For Metal On Your Leather Purse

Bags often have metal parts and chains as handles and clasps. Store chains in the bag to prevent them from scratching the delicate leather exterior. When cleaning, make sure that the metal parts are properly covered as chemicals in leather cleaning agents might react with handles. This causes unsightly stains that ruin the overall look and feel of your bag.

If you are a DIY enthusiast and love cleaning your own purses, invest in some saddle soap. It is a great product that works great to remove stains from leather. To be sure it will work for your item, try a small inconspicuous spot, carefully blotting and observing the effects of this designer saddle soap. There are several home remedies for removing stains from leather bags and purses but be careful. Lemon juice, vinegar, alcohol, cornstarch and baking soda may work on some items but end up ruining your favorite.

The best thing you can do for your designer purse is to take them to a professional cleaner every once in a while. These are experts with a deep knowledge of leather and the ideal methods of keeping it clean. Professional cleaning is a great investment that gives you more time to enjoy your precious leather bag for longer.