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Crystal Replacement Service
$55 for most watch brands & 2 week repair time all done via FedEx shipping.

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Online Jewelry Repair

Jewelry repair online refers to a new and growing trend that makes getting your favorite piece of jewelry or watch repaired without the hassle of finding a location, driving there, waiting around and paying mall prices.

Popular Services

Watch Crystal Replacement

A broken, scratched or chipped glass in your watch is both a hindrance to using it as well as likely to cause additional watch damage from water, dirt or accidental bumps. Getting your watch glass replaced by a professional is critical.

We can help you get the best watch crystal replacement service.

How It Works

There are a number of ways that online jewelry repair can work, but the most popular method involves easily shipping via the mail.

Step 1

Select the jewelry repair service or services that you need, add them to your order and then customize the details for each item to receive final pricing.

Step 2

After you complete your order, print a shipping label, package your items and ship them.

Step 3

Once your repair item has been received, most companies will send you a confirmation and begin working on your items repair. Once the work is completed, they will ship your item back you immediately and send you tracking to you can watch it’s progress.

Easy Jewelry Repair Services

  • Ring Repair
  • Ring Sizing
  • Necklace Repair
  • Earring Repair
  • Bracelet Repair
  • Watch Repair

Jewelry Repair Costs & Prices

Jewelry Repair Near Me

If you are searching for jewelry repair close to you, there are likely numerous options in your city or town if you are looking to drive and wait. However, if you’d like to get the whole thing taken care of quickly and easily, it doesn’t get any closer than ordering your shoe repair right from your own home.