How to Care for Uggs: 11 Protection & Treatment Tips For Longer Life

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Top Questions About Caring For Uggs

We frequently get asked: How should I take care of my Uggs? How can I keep my Uggs looking like new? Or how can I make my older Uggs look new again?

So, in this article, we’re going to look into 11 proper ways to care for your Uggs boots with some common sense tips as well as some secrets from the professionals.

Even though Uggs originated in the 1960s with surfers in Australia, they have become a worldwide fashion sensation. You can find Uggs still worn by surfers today or by fashion celebrities on Rodeo Drive while shopping at high end, luxury fashion shops. We believe the secret to Uggs long fashion success is due to their extreme comfort, ease of wear and the durability they offer – even when worn every day. Given how much people both love and wear their Uggs, it’s important to keep yours well (and properly) cared for so that they maintain that new, out of the box look and comfort for many years.

Our 11 Most Important Tips To Care of your Uggs To Keep Them Looking New:

1. Don’t Let Your Ugg Boots Soak in Water

In a perfect world, we would say never let your Uggs get wet at all. But we all know its bound to happen. Whether it’s wearing them out in the snow (we do it too) or getting caught in a light rain or accidentally stepping in that puddle.

Why is it important to not let your Uggs spend time wet?

Letting Uggs stay wet or rest in melted snow can do 3 bad things to your boots: (1) It can and likely will leave water stains (2) It could end up resulting in miss-shapping your boots and (2) Over time it can weaken the adhesives that hold your boots together and hold the soles on.

2. Always Dry Before Storing

What should you do when your Uggs do inevitably get wet? Dry them! We recommend always letting the boots dry fully before putting them back in the closet. We also recommend that you let them naturally dry to prevent damage. Don’t try and use a hair dryer or put them on a heater.

Why is drying your Uggs Properly Important?

If you put your boots away wet, they may not dry properly and mold could form on the boots and cause permanent damage.

It's important to prevent your Ugg boots from getting stained by water or snow
3. Treat Uggs With a Reliable Water and Stain Repellent Product

This is probably one of the most important Ugg care tips out there. As soon as you buy your boots, BEFORE you ever wear them outside, make sure to treat them with a high-quality water and stain repellent immediately.

Why Is It Important To Coat Your Uggs With A Repellant?

Doing so gives your Uggs it’s first and primary layer of protection against those water stains from snow or splashes. It will help protect your from the slight discolorations of wet spots. Another surprising benefit of water repellant for your Uggs is that it will actually help protect them from getting dirty and holding spots of dirt. Double win!

We spoke about this a little bit when we mentioned how to dry your Uggs naturally if they get wet. But we are getting pretty specific here about avoiding artificial heat sources like heat blowers, electric heaters, or hairdryers.

The other thing to avoid is too much direct sunlight. It’s OK to wear your boots in the sun – that’s totally fine. But we are more referring to storing your Uggs. Make sure you don’t store them in your car where they get direct sunlight or next to a window.

Why Is It Important To Avoid Heat & Sun With Uggs?

Despite being a natural product, too much artificial heat or long term exposure to direct sun is bad for many of the natural shoe materials like leather, suede and sheepskin. The heat and light will fade the colors and eventually make the  materials dry and brittle. Have you ever seen a pair of Uggs with crack lines? Or that seem to bend oddly or be miss-shappen? They were probably stored in the sun.

5. Never Apply Cleaning Products Directly To Uggs

Obviously we think cleaning and caring for your Uggs is incredibly important. But it’s important to remember that their is a right way and a wrong way to clean your boots. First, use a top quality Ugg cleaning product, solution or spray. Second, NEVER directly spray, wipe or place the cleaning solution directly onto the boots. Instead, put the cleaning product onto a clean sponge or cleaning rag first. Rub it around and then begin applying to your boots.

Why Is It Important To Put A Cleaning Solution On A Cloth First?

When cleaning your Ugg boots you should put the cleaner on a cloth first because direct application could leave stains or spots of discoloration on your Uggs. So, if you want to keep the coloring even and stain free – be careful about using the right cleaning process for your Uggs.

6. When Cleaning Only Use a Soft Cleaning Brush On Uggs

Sometimes when you are cleaning your Uggs, you may find a stubborn spot of dirt or color that just won’t come off with a cloth or gentle rub with your hand. It’s ok to use something a little more durable like a brush to clean that pesky spot. But make sure you use only a SOFT cleaning brush designed for this purpose. Additionally, we recommend only using a new soft, boot cleaning brush for your Uggs. Although it will cost a few dollars, we recommend spending the money because you never know what might be on an older brush. It may already have some dirt or grease on it – and you don’t want to rub that on your Uggs.

Why Only Use A Soft & New Brush On Your Uggs?

A soft brush will be able to clean your Uggs, but avoid damaging your boots by being too stiff. Sometimes a stiff brush may leave permanent scratches or rough patches on your brush. NEVER, under any circumstances use a wire brush on your Uggs.

7. Don’t Scratch, Scuff, or Dirty Your Sheepskin Boots

As tempting as it sounds and as often as it’s done, Ugg boots — particularly the classic styles — aren’t really meant to be worn in the rain, in the snow, or on a hiking trip.

Avoid wearing your Ugg boots to places or on activities that could scratch, scuff, or dirty them unnecessarily.

8. Wear Socks With Your Ugg Boots

Wearing socks with your Ugg boots is a good way to keep odors from developing. If you just love the feel of sheepskin fur on your little piggies, then at least make it a habit to religiously treat them with odor absorbers.

A homemade powder mix of baking soda, corn flour, and a few drops of essential oil will work effectively.

9. Don’t Crush Your Boots When Storing. Stuff Them To Keep Their Shape

This will help the boots retain their shape when stored. You could also use boot shapers like these:

10. Don’t Wear Them Every Day

11. Use a Professional Cobbler or Cleaning Service

When in doubt about how to remove a certain stain or how to clean your Ugg boots, bring your boots to a professional cleaner. The added stress from failed home remedy attempts is hardly ever worth it.