Aldo Shoe Repair | Complete Services & Prices

Fast & Affordable Complete Aldo Shoe Repair | By Mail

FavoriteFix handles all types of Aldo shoe repair for both Men’s & Women’s Aldos. Let us know what kind of service your favorite pair of shoes needs:

  • Heel repair
  • Sole replacement
  • Leather repair / color and polish restoration
  • Lace / eyelet fixing

How Much Does Aldo Shoe Repair Cost?

Aldo repair prices depend on the service, but at FavoriteFix we offer top quality work at the best prices. All of our services included prepaid return shipping. No need to pay extra.

  • Heel repair: Starting at $20
  • Sole protectors addition:$5+
  • Aldo stretching: $15+
  • Leather repair, dying or refinishing: $15+
  • Shoe polish: $10+

What Areas Do you Service?

We service all 50 States as well as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. As long as you have access to a USPS mailbox or store you can use Favorite Fix. Priority shipping will usually reach us in just 2-3 days no matter where you are in the country.

How Our Aldo Shoe Repair Service Works

It’s as Fast, easy & affordable as you’ll find anywhere.

  1. Request an estimate using our form
  2. Ship us your shoes or request our “Shoe Shipping Kit” (includes box, padding, service form & Pre-Paid shipping label to our workshop)
  3. We’ll inspect your shoes and give you the final price (This is almost always within a few dollars of your estimate).
  4. On your approval we get your shoes looking like new and then send them straight back to your house.

Repair For Men’s Aldo Shoes

Did your favorite pair of men’s Aldos get damaged? Scuffed? Need a new heel? Eyelet replaced? Favorite Fix and get your Aldo’s looking and feeling like new in just a few days with our Aldo shoe repair service. Our Men’s Aldo Shoe services include anything you might need, but our most popular include:

  • Men’s Aldo heel replacement
  • Men’s Aldo shoe leather repair and refurbishment
  • Eyelet or lace replacement
  • Shoe stretching and fitting

Repair For Women’s Aldo Shoes

Aldo makes top quality and extremely popular shoes for women including Aldo heels, flats, work shoes and everything in between. Favorite Fix offers service for all of them.

Aldo Repair By Mail

Aldo shoe repair by mail is fast and affordable with Favorite Fix. It’s all too frequent that we decide to throw away and buy new because the process of getting something repaired is too much of a hassle. Here at Favorite Fix, we are helping to change that paradigm by making Shoe repair much easier than it used to be. No you can get those shoes repaired in about the same time, for lower cost and without even needing to leave your house.

Aldo Shoe & Company History

ALDO shoe company was originally founded in Canada in 1972 as a footwear side company within Le Chateau. They started with stores in Montreal, Quebec City, Winnipeg and Ottawa. The company is named after the man who started it, Aldo Bensadoun.

Aldo comes from a long line of family in the shoe industry – 4 generations to be exact. He father was a retailer in Morocco and France and his grandfather was a cobbler in Algeria. He wanted to build a brand that offered great shoes and great prices. His dedication to his business can be seen in the lengths he went to to ensure his success. He even learned Italian so that he could communicate with his suppliers in Italy quickly and efficiently.

Opening Aldo In The United States

The brand had expanded across Canada in the 1980s and 1990s and soon Aldo was ready to expand into the American market. This was a risky proposition that had cause other Canadian shoe brands to fail. He opened his first American Store in Plattsburgh NY in 1990 as a test store. The store was only 100 miles from the Aldo Shoes headquarters and served as a lab to work out the logistics of shipping, selling and hiring.

Since that first store Aldo shoes has continued to expand very successfully. Starting in 2010 they also began a number of strategic partnerships with Companies like JC Penny, Kohls and The Bay.