Online Shoe Repair

online shoe repairExpert Online Shoe Repair

Our shoe repair craftsman have decades of experience working in high quality shops, but we also offer repairs for your shoes online.

The service is perfect if you don’t have someone local to do the work or don’t have time to get it coordinated. Our online shoe repair process only takes a few minutes of your time. We handle all the hassle for you.

We Repair All Makes And Models Of Shoes Online

The most popular question we get is, do you repair my brand or style of shoe? The answer is YES! Favorite Fix can repair any make, model or style of shoe that you have. Whether it’s replacing soles on a men’s shoe, fixing a broken heel on a women’s pump or dyeing flats for match a dress. We can handle it all.

How Online Shoe Repair Works

Our process is simple, quick and extremely affordable. Just request a free estimate via our estimate form. Tell us the make and style of your shoe – plus what type of repair you need.

We’ll respond within 1 business day with an estimates price and timeline. Then we’ll send you an order number and address to ship your shoes.

When your shoes arrive, we’ll notify you and confirm your estimate. Once you approve, we get to work ASAP! When your online shoe repair is completed we ship your shoes right back to you.

Online Shoe Repair Cost & Prices

Online shoe repair prices with Favorite Fix are incredibly affordable. They start at just $15 for simple fixes and go up to $100+ for complete restorations.

For the most accurate estimate, request a quote from one of our technicians.

Men’s Shoe Repair Done Online

Whether is a polish, repairing a scuff or resoling your favorite pair of men’s shoes, we can do that with our online service.

The most popular mens shoes we repair online are: Dress shoes, wing tips, golf shoes and loafers

Women’s Shoe Repair Done Online

Did you break a heel? Scuff a side? Need a little more toe room? We’ll get your favorite pair of women’s shoes repaired in as little as 1 week without you needing to leave your house.

How Long Does Shoe Repair Take When Done Online

In total, getting your shoes repaired with Favorite Fix takes between 1 – 3 weeks including our shipping time. The range depends on what type of service you need.

Check out our complete shoe repair time estimate guide

Quicker Online Shoe Fixes

  • A faster lace or eyelet repair may only take 1 day of service, plus a few days of shipping.
  • More complicated repairs such as dyeing your shoes or replacing the soles or heel may take 1-2 weeks depending on the parts needing and drying time.

The best way to determine how long your shoe will take to fix is request a free estimate.