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Crystal Replacement Service
$55 for most watch brands & 2 week repair time all done via FedEx shipping.

Rotary Watch Crystal Replacement Service

Does your Rotary watch have a cracked or scratched crystal that you would like replaced? Don’t worry – a good watch technician can do a watch crystal replacement service on any style Rotary watch for a reasonable price.

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Why It’s Important To Fix

Rotary watch crystal replacement and repair makes some amazing watches that can be very valuable. So, if you do have a cracked Rotary watch face, it’s important to get it replaced for the lifetime and value of the watch. The crystal of a watch protects the arms and movement from getting damaged from bumping. It is also important to keep moisture and dirt out of your watch.

If you are looking for a top-quality watch craftsman to replace your watch crystal we highly recommend Quick Jewelry Repair. They do absolutely top-quality work, have GREAT prices, and are very friendly and easy to work with.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Rotary Watch Crystal?

Getting a watch crystal replaced for either a men’s Rotary watch or a women’s Rotary watch typically costs around $50.

Average Watch Crystal Replacements Cost For Rotary: About $50 from a reputable technician.

Rotary Watch Crystal Replacement Costs

StylesCrystal Replacement PriceStart Replacement
Women’s Rotary Watch$50
Men’s Rotary Watch$50
Cambridge Chronograph Gents$50
Greenwich Skeleton$50
Windsor Gents$50
Expander Ladies$50
Henley Automatic$50
Popular Rotary Watches For Glass Repair

Online Crystal Replacement Options For Rotary Watches

Luckily, the watch repair world has matured during the past few years. The days of needing to find a local watch repair person in your town and then hoping they have the skill and parts to replace your watch glass are over.

Online glass repair options are very common today for a Rotary timepiece and allow you to simply mail your watch to their service center, they repair it and ship it back to you with no hassle at all.

Online Crystal Replacement Vs. Local Shop Repair

If you have a local watch repair person who charges a fair price, does great work and has all the parts to do you work that’s absolutely a great option – but many people today prefer the online repair option.

Cheaper Options

You may be able to find someone who will replace your Rotary watch glass for cheaper than the prices above but make sure you trust the quality of the craftsmanship and work. Most importantly, make sure the quality of the replacement crystal is high before you decide to save a few dollars.

Most often the place that some services save costs on watch repairs is by using low-cost parts. A watch crystal is definitely not something you want to use a lower-quality option.

The Benefits Of Mail In / Online Watch Services Include:

  • Centralized workshops that tend to handle a larger volume of watch repair work. This is beneficial because it often means they have more experience, more parts on hand and can often do enough volume that they invest in higher end equipment.
  • No more driving around the mall, waiting around and having to go back and pick up your watch. With online repair options you simply print out a prepaid form, mail it in and then get it back in your own mailbox.

Can You Replace The Crystal On A Rotary Watch?

Do you have a scratch across the glass of your Chronograph or Rotary watch? Maybe it’s a full on crack or even chipped? Don’t feel bad, this is actually one of the most common types of damage that happens to watches.

The watch crystal is a particularly fragile part of the watch. They can easily get damaged by knocking on something, bumping into a door frame and any other normal, everyday activities.

The great news is that the crystal on almost any Rotary watch can be replaced by a well-trained expert with access to the right tools and parts.

Popular Styles For Rotary Watch Glass Repair

How Do You Replace A Rotary Watch Crystal?

The process for changing out the glass on a watch is absolutely one of those processes that in concept sounds very simple, but in reality is complex and requires experience and precision.

  • For most watches, the first step is to remove the old broken watch glass very carefully. This often includes removing any small shards of glass from inside the face if the glass actually shattered. Very likely this will include removing the case back and movement / face of the watch to get complete access to the watch and protect the working mechanisms.
  • The second step will be to fully scrap out in the inside of the crown where the glass attaches.
  • Third, a new crystal is correctly sized. This includes both the diameter and shape of the crystal as well as the thickness to ensure it fits back to the original factory watch specs.

How Much Does New Glass Cost For A Rotary Watch?

The cost of the glass itself really varies depending on a number of factors. Unless you are changing the glass yourself (NOT recommended for the average watch owner) this likely won’t matter to you. Usually when a watch maker is changing your glass – they don’t bill separately for the glass type. The cost of the watch glass will be included in the total price.

  • Thickness of the watch glass: Watches often have different glass thicknesses and the thicker the glass, usually the more expensive it becomes.
  • Width of the watch glass: Larger glass for a watch with say a 50mm diameter may cost more than a smaller women’s watch with a 25mm face.
  • Material: There are 3 commonly used types of watch glass Sapphire Crystal, Mineral, Acrylic. Sapphire crystal is the high end of the group and will usually cost more – but is a much better material.
  • Shape Or special features: Some watches may have special shapes that require buying a special glass (like some women’s watches have hexagonal faces) or perhaps you have a Rolex that has a pearl bubble on the glass to magnify the date.

Best Rotary Watch Crystal Replacement Near Me

If you are looking for the closest place to get your glass replaced – how about your own mailbox? Is that near enough to you? What do we mean?

Today, number of companies will handle your entire crystal service through the mail.

What Is Online Watch Crystal Replacement Really?

Online watch glass replacement is really another name for getting the crystal replacement service done through the mail. This service gives you the benefit of not having to find a local watch shop, dropping it off, waiting and picking it up.

  • Step 1: Order your service through Quick Jewelry Repair or someone similar.
  • Step 2: They will give you a prepaid shipping label to print out that is already addressed to them. Package your watch and drop it in the mail.
  • Step 3: They receive your watch and take care of the glass replacement for you and then ship it directly back to you!

Is Shipping It In The Mail Safe?

Most online or via mail watch repair companies use Fedex, UPS or USPS shipping services which are very reliable and safe to use. They will usually offer tracking services so you can follow the progress of your watch in the mail to make sure it arrives and get’s back safely to you.

One final option that we love is that many companies will offer the option to add shipping insurance to the order for extra protection on your watch, just in case any unfortunate should happen.

How much does it cost?

Adding shipping insurance to your watch when using an online repair service is usually very affordable. It’s usually about $1 in insurance cost for every $100 of watch value you want to cover.

So if you want to fully insure your $500 watch, it would cost you about $5. Not a bad deal for just that little extra bit of stress relief and protection.

Is My Rotary Watch Waterproof Still?

You may be wondering if your watch will retain the original water resistance if you have the crystal repaired? As long as you get your glass replaced by a reputable and skilled watch maker or technician, your watch will still be waterproof (to the level it was originally).

This is because the seals will be properly cleaned when the old glass is removed and replaced with new seals and correctly fitting glass.