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6 Golden Rules To Keeping Your Sneakers Looking Like New

sneaker cleaning rules

Sneaker lovers often reveal themselves and are known by going to extreme lengths to keep their ultra-rare kicks completely spotless.

Sometimes this even includes never ever wearing them. Have you ever walked into someone’s apartment and seen their shoes displayed on the walls on shelves like artwork?

Yes. Them.


Sure, we done fastidious shoe repairs but sometimes we take tips from those semi-crazy sneaker lovers on how to care for sneakers. Thus preventing you from needing repairs for your Nikes.

Gone are the days when we would simply sling our soiled canvas Converse into a pillowcase and then into the washing machine. Modern times demand modern measures.


01. Always Immediately Spot-clean your sneakers

Knock the soles together to dislodge dirt and use a damp cloth to wipe away superficial marks. Sometimes a wet wipe may be needed for slightly darker spots. For the rubber soles, use a damp Mr Clean Magic Eraser.

02. Occasionally Deep-clean them

Apply a few drops of Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner to a wet shoe brush, shake off and then scrub gently all over to a foam. Use a toothbrush for hard-to-get-to places or for more delicate areas such as mesh or suede patches. Wipe off with a towel and repeat all over. With canvas shoes, dab and twist with the towel to help lift the stain and dry the canvas.

03. Relace Your Sneakers

It’s surprising how quickly laces can get dirty and look beat up. Significantly faster than the rest of your kicks. A pair of fresh laces instantly lift the appearance of your sneakers. Remove the laces and either replace them with new white ones or pick a new color to make your shoes look and feel like new again.

04. Protect them

After you have allowed the newly cleaned shoes to dry naturally lay down a towel and spray with a stain and water repellent. For canvas shoes, use Scotchgard. For premium leather or suede, use a brand name Repel. NEVER try and dry them quickly by applying heat.

05. Careful Where You Store Them

Lay tumble dryer fabric sheets inside the shoes to help draw out moisture and deodorise them, especially if you regularly wear your sneakers without socks. Space permitting, the best way to keep your sneakers box fresh is to store them in their original box, ideally in dust bags.

06. Odor Control For Sneakers

Looks mean a lot. Odors can be a deal breaker. Try and spray your shoes with an anti-fungal spray if you are getting any odors. Also double check to make sure they are dry and try to store them with a neutral air temp and some airflow. That will help.

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